If you cried more i care <3 (xxway2glamxx) wrote,
If you cried more i care <3

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loneliness cant be defined

so i have realized how lonely i am. I constantly go ointo depression mode because i feel that no one loves me. I dont even really miss justin anymore i just missing being loved by someone an dholding someone. I dont really know if la is for me i am not like the people here and its rea;;y hard to adjust and make friends! amy is thinking about leaving...but she has a boyfriend now. He works with us. Which yeah im way happy for her because she wanted one so bad but i get so depressed. No one likes me like no one. I have ganed so much weight and i just sit in my room liook at my old pictures and cry because of the feeling of loneliness that hurts my heart. This isnt a pity letter o am just very depressed and it works so well to just write it out. I need more friends and i need to feel comfortable around here. I try and tell people but no one helps and no one cares....
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