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so we have moved into our new townhouse and its BOMB NASTY! i cant wait for the bnbs to reunite and raid this house next year when we will all be living in the los angeles! yes yes! hahah well its 2 stories, 3 bedrooms 2.5 bath and has these hugs boofing bath tubs that are seperate from the huge square glass showers! yeah we r on fuckin cribs for life! we also get access to the roof which bart has decided that we will have an abercrombie kegger up there lol!

So much has happened! haha omg on friday we wanted to have people over...but unfortunately we decided in like 10 minutes we wanted to have a party and everyone is on vaca. So amy and i just smoked and then when i was going to bed bart called and said he was coming over. But i was so tired so i went to sleep...when suddenly this giant body starts rolling me around and it was Bart, nick, josh, zack, 2 mexicans, matt, peter, lloyd,amy, katie and i. And we were allll pretty stone dand xrated to the max. Well Bart wanted me to go on the roof with him and he was trying to get me to kiss him but i wouldnt because amy likes him a lot. But he was telling me he had feelings for me and he was in LOVE with me but he was just drnk. O yes that mr. Bartholomew Donovan Bailey was sooo xrated. Ha. Then we went downstairs and he was still telling me he loved me. Well then katie came outside (this stupid girl from texas who looks like an airplane sturdess) and i left and i guess bart was telling her the same thing but shes stupid and doesnt know bart so she bought it! well they ended up making out which is so dumb haha. Then she got mad at bart for some reason which was funny so amy and i went outside and he started telling us he was in love with us we were both laughing so hard because he was being such a piece of shit and he was sooo x rated. Then when amy left he goes "just kidding brittany the whole time i was thinking about u not amy" HA! and his friend matt was like ";yeah i want u too" well i was soo baked so i was like WHAT THE FUCK! i was tripping out because everything was so confusing so i went back to bed.
I then saw this little head peeping from the corner like 10 times and it was drunk old bart! haha and he got in bed with me and we were just talking.. then amy came and we were all just talking and then KATIE came and she flipped out and called us sluts in our own household! even tho we were just sitting there with bart because thats what we do becaue we r good friends with him... and she was talking shit about us to everyone else in OUR living room! but everyone backed us up because no one likes her... so she went home! Then Bart amy and i decided to get some rest but bart was still on his "i love u i wanna marry u both" scheem... so he had like one hand on my leg and the other on amys and it was weird...but then everytime amy would leave the room he would start making out with me! WEIRD! this is bart! but hes so hott lol even tho hes names bart. But yeah we just moed... and then he left at 5:00am. ha but yeah i am glad that it wasnt weird because they all came over the next night also. And everything was fine.
So yeah my mom comes today ! hahah yay! im soexcited! and then i come back home wednesday night! im so excited t see whitney! and nicole and lauren and justin and sean and everyone o i just wanna cry imso excited! well p-out! see u soon!
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